Submission Guidelines

All articles submitted to this journal are previewed for appropriateness of both its content and the quality of the analysis.  Once approved, all submissions are reviewed externally.

Submissions should generally be limited to 8000 words, though we understand that articles may require a bit more space–especially qualitative research.  However, articles that are appropriate for Critical Sociology but too long will be sent back at the intake stage, and authors will be asked to edit down their work before resubmitting.  The reason for this is simple: if the article is finally accepted but is at 12,000 words, it will be difficult for the author to cut 20-30% of their text.

While not a requirement, authors are encouraged to follow format guidelines.  Some general requirements: we expect endnotes not footnotes; be sure the submission is anonymous; and be sure to include your abstract and keywords after the title.  Once accepted, all final versions must comply with all format requirements.

Finally, submissions should–when appropriate–try to refer to earlier publications appearing in the pages of the journal, engage with ongoing discussions whether in agreement or opposition, and cite works appropriately.

Send book reviews and review essays to our Book Review Editor, George Sanders

Send film  and culture reviews to our Culture and Media Editor, Graham Cassano

Inquires and general questions: David Fasenfest, Editor, at:

General information on how to submit to Critical Sociology can be found here.