October 10, 2016 - admin

Volume 42 Issue 6: Marx, Marxism and Human Rights

We live in strange, almost unbelievable, and certainly scary time. In a scene right out of the 1931 film Frankenstein, 70,000 Poles brandishing torches marched in protest of immigrants in Poland. Demonstrations like this are repeated in Germany, France, and much of Western Europe as rightwing (some say fascist) parties witness increasing support in local and even national elections. One Republican US presidential aspirant urges the use of torture and advocates the killing of families of known (and perhaps suspected) terrorists. Another claims the only way to control terror is to increase police presence and vigorously patrol Muslim communities in the US (never mind that there are no calls to do the same in right-wing Christian areas – a scan of murders will show that in the US since 9/11 more people were killed by anti-abortionists and anti-government activists than by Islamic extremists). France has considered revoking the citizenship of terrorists, broadly defined, while US politicians ponder the degree to which we might deport people and block all immigration from Muslim nations.

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