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Volume 36, Issue 5: Neoliberalism, Globalization and the Capitalist World Order

We often forget how fast things change; for example, my father was born at a time when a wagon ride to the major city center 50 miles away took half a day and by the time he died almost a century later he could travel across a major ocean and traverse a continent in the same time. Those of us old enough to recall having to literally cut and paste together edits on our work know that the “cut” and “paste” features on most word pro- cessing software is a reference that most undergraduates cannot understand in their literal sense. My teenage son recently saw a rotary phone in a communication museum and pondered how you make a call, and it is only recently that he has become comfort- able with telling time on an analog watch (who knows what he makes of old war films with “bandits at four o’clock” – is that a reference to some appointment or anticipation?)…

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