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Volume 40, Issue 3: Considerations on Submitting and Getting Published

Over the past decade, as a result of the economic crash in 2008 and the greater awareness of inequality through the efforts of the Occupy Movement, there is an increasing interest in critical sociological analysis. At the same time, Critical Sociology introduced a Latin American and Caribbean initiative, then an Africa initiative, and most recently a Middle East and North African initiative all designed to solicit and publish critical scholarship from a non-US/non-European perspective. Finally, as the journal’s reach is increasingly international, we have experienced a rise in submissions from Eastern European and Asian scholars. The result is greater numbers of articles vying for a limited space in our journal.

As the pressures to publish increase, reflecting the growing number of people now submitting articles earlier in their academic career—often while still graduate students to improve their efforts at securing a faculty appointment—and the limits of space in journals remain fairly fixed, it seems ever more difficult to get one’s research into print. With this essay I hope to both explain the review process and detail some observations on what is expected as we evaluate submissions to this journal…

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